Star Wars: Galaxy on Fire

Guns of the Mandalore


Episode 0 – The Guns of the Mandalore

Between the GREAT SITH WAR and the MANDALORIAN WARS is a time of seeming peace in the Galaxy; but things are not always as they seem. GALEN VERDALUS, a noble from the planet Onderon, seeks the support of the Jedi Council in removing the Mandalorian threat from its entrenched position on Onderon’s moon, DXUN.

In return, the Council has asked him to take Jedi Master ORALTOR JAX to the shadowport of POINT NADIR on board his ship, the STRIX NEBULOSA, in order to determine the fate of two Jedi Knights investigating a new Sith Cult’s activities. Master Jax and his apprentice, RIVAS ZOR, already have a history with Galen’s bodyguard KYGRA JULOREN, while Galen’s pilot HFFRR is eager to avenge himself upon the Mandalorians who enslaved him…

In return for the Jedi Council’s promise to help him against the looming Mandalorian threat to his home planet of Onderon, GALEN VERDALUS agreed to assist the Council by taking MASTER ORALTOR JAX and his Padawan RIVAS ZOR to the shadowpoint of Port Nadir to search for two missing Jedi Knights: CASS DO KEEN (a human female) and IFRIM BEN HASTET (a Mon Calamari male). These Jedi were looking into a Sith remnant cult that had been discovered. Galen carried the pair aboard his ship, the STRIX NEBULOSA, along with his pilot HFFRR, and bodyguard KYGRA JULOREN. Kygra had previously left the Jedi Order, and Jax had been her master.

Shortly before docking, Jax played Hastet’s last holo-transmission, which suggested that they had set up a meeting with someone named “Mekta.”

Upon their arrival at Point Nadir, the party was attacked by a group of Mandalorians who were quickly dispatched. The Mandalorians seemed to be looking for Jax. Jax suggested that he separate from the party to draw the Mandalorians away while they searched for Mekta.

After making some inquiries in the Souk (Point Nadir’s trade quarter), the group discovered that MEKTA was the name of one of the Hutts from the clan that governed Point Nadir. Mekta was in charge of a cantina called the Rancor Pit, and it was rumored that he was attempting to break into the arms trade. Unfortunately, the group’s inquiries were not quite discreet enough, and they drew some unwanted attention from members of Mekta’s association. After dispatching the flunkies, the party made its way to the Rancor Pit.

Kygra and Hffrr scouted the area out, faking an argument to test the response of Mekta’s security. Afterwards, Galen and Rivas entered. They sought an audience with Mekta under the pretext that Galen wanted to buy some weapons in order to assist Onderon’s struggle against the Mandalorians. Mekta’s desire to make a buck eclipsed his anger over the loss of his flunkies, so he said that he would deal with Galen, provided Galen helped him out. He claimed that the Mandalorians had cheated him by accepting a shipment of weapons for which they had not paid. Galen agreed to help Mekta recover the shipment in exchange for information and a discount from Mekta.

Mekta knew about the inquiries the party had been making about the Jedi (failed Gather Information check), and so Mekta told Galen and Kygra that he had been trading with some Mandalorians on Point Nadir. The Mandalorians were also trading in Sith Artifacts of some sort. Two people matching Cass and Ifrim’s description, claiming to be Sith, approached Mekta to arrange a meeting with the Mandalorians. Somehow, the Hutt determined that they were Jedi, and informed the Mandalorians. Mekta claimed not to know what the Mandalorians had done with the information, but let Galen know that the Mandalorians were operating out of a warehouse on the other side of Point Nadir.

Armed with this information, the PCs set out to scout the warehouse. On the way, they were approached by a Mandalorian identifying himself as HECTOPHANE ORDO. He insisted that he was from a different faction from the Mandalorians who were operating on Point Nadir. Due to internal Mandalorian politics, he found himself in the position of wanting to sabotage their operation. He would give the PCs codes to disable the Mandalorian security systems at the warehouse if they would agree to give him the shipment of weapons that they had already promised to Mekta. In return, they could have their pick of whatever “Sith crap” was still at the warehouse. Hffrr, who had been enslaved by the Mandalorians during the occupation of Cathar, was understandably wary about working for a Mandalorian. Ordo insisted that the Mandalorians operating on Point Nadir were part of the same faction that had engineered the attack on Cathar, and that this attack was part of a strategy on the part of this faction to draw the Republic into war by attacking relatively helpless targets outside of Republic space. Ordo said that he had opposed the attack on Cathar – mostly because he considered the Cathar too weak to be worthy opponents.

Naturally, the party agreed to Ordo’s offer with no intention of following through on the deal.

The party approached the warehouse. Hffrr snuck inside and used the codes from the warehouse to turn the security turrets against the Mandalorians. After a pitched firefight (in which Hffrr was injured), the PCs captured the Mandalorian Sergeant in charge of the operation and questioned him. They also found the body of Ifrim Ben Hastet. The Mandalorian told them that they had been dealing with a Sith cult calling itself the HANDS OF THE PURIFIER. After they determined that the Jedi who approached them were Jedi who were investigating the Hands, the Mandalorians captured the Jedi and arranged for the Hands to pick them up. Their contact at the Hands was a human female named DARTH STREGA, and she reported to an unidentified contact over holo-transmitter. Strega’s contact wore traditional (hooded) Sith robes and spoke Ryl. The Sith killed Hastet but tortured Do Keen, who revealed that she had had a vision that Jax would be coming to rescue her. The Sith left Point Nadir with Do Keen as their prisoner.

The PCs sifted through the Sith artifacts and found one thing of note: an apparent Jedi holocron. They also routed the cache of Mandalorian weapons to the Strix for shipment.

At that point, Jax burst into the warehouse, with two Basilisk War Droids hot on his tail. The PCs evaded them to reach the spaceport. Hffrr launched the ship and, after a brief space battle (in which the party learned that one of the Strix’s hidden features is a decent strength shield generator), they jumped to lightspeed.

During the trip through hyperspace, Kygra got up late one night to examine the Holocron. The Holocron’s guardian spoke in a language she had never heard, and couldn’t understand.

Loot: Because you guys took the Mandalorian weapon cache, I promised customizable guns for Hffrr and Galen, and something else for our two Jedi.

Guns: Take any base weapon that you are proficient in. You may then do either or BOTH of the following:

1. Apply any one of the manufacturing templates found in the KotOR campaign guide (if appropriate – for example, the “Sith Alchemical Weapon” template usually doesn’t apply to blasters).
2. Apply up to 3 weapon upgrades, as detailed in the gear customization rules found in Scum and Villainy.

Other stuff: For our Jedi, I was considering giving you guys modified energy shields (a shield would give you a personal SR against energy attacks, like blasters). If that would interest you, let me know. Otherwise, let me if there’s some other piece of tech that you’d like (stealth field generator, etc.)


  • The party double-crossed Mekta.
  • The party double-crossed Hectophane Ordo.
  • The party turned the Mandalorian weapon cache over to Galen’s people on Onderon.
  • During the trip back from Point Nadir, Kygra tried unsuccessfully to interact with the Jedi Holocron. The Holocron’s guardian spoke to her in a language she could not understand.

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