Cass Do Keen

Female Human Jedi/Jedi Knight/Sith Apprentice


“There is no passion…only peace…why do you look at me so?”

Portrayed by: Olivia Wilde

Cass Do Keen was one of two Jedi Knights assigned to investigate a Sith Remnant cult thought to be acquiring Sith Artifacts through the markets of Point Nadir. She went undercover with her partner, Ifrim Ben-Hastet.

Unfortunately, their cover was blown when they were witnessed rescuing a small child during riots in The Fissures, Point Nadir’s slum district. Mekta the Hutt, the intermediary between the two Jedi and the Mandalorians selling the artifacts, leaked this information to the Mandalorians, who captured them during a surprise raid on their quarters.

The Mandalorians turned the Jedi over to the Hands of the Purifiers, the Sith cult with which they were doing their business. The Hands sent Darth Strega, Apprentice of the Hands’ enigmatic (and yet unnamed) leader, to deal with the situation directly. She killed Ben-Hastet and brought Do Keen back to her flagship, the Ebon Razor, where she tortured and eventually turned Do Keen.

A year later, the party boarded the Ebon Razor and, during a daring raid, managed to rescue turn Do Keen away from the Dark Side, causing her to turn on her captors. With her help, they escaped the Ebon Razor, although not without Do Keen still relying on some of her Dark Side powers.

Do Keen is currently under observation by the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine.

Cass Do Keen

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