Cathar, scoundrel, pilot of the Strix Nebulosa


Level 7 Scoundrel
Level 3 Ace Pilot

STR: 10
DEX: 18
CON: 10
INT: 14
WIS: 12
CHA: 16
Size: M
Speed: 8
Force Points: 3
HP: 54 (Dmg Thresh: 22)

Fort: 22
Ref: 28
Will: 22

Base Att: +7
Special Combat Actions: Reactive Claw
If combatant is engaged in melee, s/he may take one swift action
as additional melee attack.

Languages: Cathar, Basic, Mando’ade, Huttese, Rodese

Climb: 10
Initiative: 14
Jump: 10
Mechanics: 12
Perception: 11
Pilot: 19
Stealth: 14
Swim: 10
Use Computer: 17

Point Blank Shot (+1 to attack and damage rolls on ranged attacks in point blank range)
Burst Fire (On Autofire mode, can target a specific creature at -5 to hit but +2 dice DMG)
Skill Focus (Pilot)
Skill Focus (Use Computer)
Skill Training (Perception)
Vehicular Combat (Negates one attack against the pilot’s vehicle)
Weapon Proficiency (Pistols)
Weapon Proficiency (Simple Weapons)
Tech Specialist (Can modify equipment to give stat and effect bonuses)
Starship Tactics: Afterburn
If the pilot successfully rolls a Pilot Skill check (full round action),
s/he can perform All-Out Movement as a free action. Additionally, on the
following DCs, bonuses are applied to Resist Dogfight:
DC 15 +1
DC 20 +2
DC 25 +5
DC 30 +10

Spacehound (Proficient with all ship-based weapons, no penalty to attacks while in zero-G
Starship Raider (+1 Attack bonus while on a starship)
Fast Repairs (On a successful Mechanics check, add the DC to a temporary ship HP pool)
Vehicular Evasion (When the ship is the target of an Area Attack, on a successful Pilot
check the ship takes 1/2 DMG from a hit and no DMG from a miss)
Hyperdriven (Once per day, if the character is on a starship he may add his level as a
bonus to any roll)

Quickdraw Blaster Pistol
Attack: 7
Damage: 3D6 + 2 (Energy)
Special Features: Quickdraw holster (swift action to ready)

Attack: 7
Damage: 2D4 + 2 (Piercing)
Special Features: none

Gauntlet Gun (wrist-mounted auto/single heavy blaster pistol)
Attack: 7
Damage: 3D8 + 2 (Energy)
Special Features: Quickdraw springloader (swift action to ready)
Camouflage (undetectable)
Single-Auto switch (swift action to switch between auto & single fire)

Natural Claws
Attack: 4
Damage: 1D6 + 4
Special Features: Biological defensive weapon, cannot be disarmed


Hrrfrr is a refugee from Cathar following the Mandalorian devastation of that planet. His parents were ornithologists and owned an aviary. Their studies bred in him a childhood obsession with flight, which would prove prophetic. Separated from his parents, whose fate he still doesn’t know, Hffrr was captured by cruel Mandalorian slavers from Clan Ordo and kept as a pet aboard their ship on their journey to Onderon to join up with Mandalorian forces on Dxun. When the Mandalorian ship approached Onderon, Hffrr revolted against his captors, leaving his master for dead and commandeering an escape pod to the surface below. Hffrr’s piloting abilities, learned from observing his Mandalorian master, earned him the attention of Galen Verdalus, an Onderonian noble seeking to remove the Mandalorian threat hanging over Onderon.

Hffrr is proud to be a Cathar but avoids conversations about the planet and is uncomfortable around others of his race because of a secret shame that he is happier in space than he was on-planet and that he enjoys being a scoundrel, a trait very uncommon among his people but very like the Mandalorian who enslaved him. (Hffrr suffers a mild form of Stockholm Syndrome) Though a young pilot-for-hire, Hffrr has gained a minor reputation for adaptability and dependability. He can fly almost anything, learning quickly if the vehicle at hand is unfamiliar to him. He’s loyal to a fault and never backs out of a deal no matter how much heat comes his way.


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