Kygra Juloren

Zabrak Female Jedi 5


Player: K; Portrayed by: Uma Thurman

Kygra was recruited late into the Jedi Order after her master discovered her during a mission to a Zabrak world. She went to Coruscant and began her training under master Oraltor Jax (Ithorian) at 14, meeting her fellow Padawan Rivas Zor. Although their master was more orthodox, Kygra’s independent nature and the late age with which she began her training caused her to constantly question her master. While this was a source of constant irritation, it could have been overlooked. When Kygra later became pregnant (and refused to disclose who the father was), the Order could not overlook it. Jax kept Kygra’s pregnancy secret from the Order, but insisted that she give the child up for adoption upon her birth, which caused a rift that led to Kygra’s decision to leave the Jedi. After making her way across the galaxy, she met up with Galen Verdalus and his pilot Hrrfrr, and decided to join in their efforts.

Kygra Juloren

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