Oraltor Jax

Male Ithorian Jedi/Jedi Knight/Jedi Master


Oraltor Jax is the current Master of Rivas Zor, and the former Master of Kygra Juloren. He is an Ithorian.

Jax keeps fairly close counsel regarding his adventures prior to taking on either Kygra or Rivas; he is likely to answer such questions with an exhortation to “be mindful of the present.” Until the events occurring in Episode 0, he was assigned to the Outer Rim and reported directly to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. However, he is currently assigned to Onderon, in order to assist with Onderon’s defense against a Mandalorian encampment on the moon of Dxun. He supervises Rivas less closely as Rivas approaches readiness for the Trials, and Knighthood.

Jax is the only person aside from Kygra who knows about Kygra’s daughter, and Kygra’s reasons for leaving the Jedi Order. He has kept her secret safe despite repeated inquiries on the part of the Jedi Enclave to disclose this information.

Oraltor Jax

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