Rivas Zor

Male Miraluka Level 7 Jedi/Level 3 Jedi Knight


Start of Episode II
Level 7 Jedi/Level 3 Jedi Knight

STR: 10
DEX: 16 ( + 3)
CON: 10
INT: 14 ( + 2)
WIS: 16 ( + 3)
CHA: 14 ( + 2)
Size: M
Speed: 6
HP: 88 (Damage Threshold: 22)
Force Points: 2/day
Dark Side Score: 0
Languages: Basic, Miralukanese, Mando’a, Huttese, Binary

Fort: 22
Ref: 25
Will: 25

Base Attack Bonus: + 10
Damage Bonus: + 5

Build Lightsaber
Force Sight

SKILLS (Trained in Bold)
Acrobatics: 13
Athletics: 5
Deception: 7
Endurance: 5
Gather Info: 7
Initiative (Force Intuition): 17
Knowledge (Galactic Lore): 12
Mechanics: 12
Perception: 8
Persuasion: 7
Pilot: 8
Ride: 8
Stealth: 8
Survival: 8
Treat Injury: 8
Use Computer: 7
Use The Force: 17

Force Sensitivity
Force Training (x4)
Skill Focus (Use the Force)
Triple Crit (Lightsaber)
Weapon Finesse
Weapon Focus (Lightsaber)
Weapon Proficiency (Lightsaber)
Weapon Proficiency (Simple)

Force Intuition
Weapon Specialization (Lightsaber)

Assured Strike
Battle Strike (2)
Force Grip
Mind Trick
Move Object
Negate Energy (2)
Pass the Blade (2)
Rebuke (2)
Sever Force (2)
Vornskr’s Ferocity

Force Point Recovery

Lightsaber (Custom Built, Dual Gear w/ Stun Baton, Cloaked, Ion Charger)
Attack: + 15
Damage: 2d8 + 2d6 Ion + 7 (x3 on Critical)

Stun Baton
Attack: + 13
Damage: 1d6 + 5 or 2d6 + 5 Stun

900 credits, breathmask with atmosphere filter, mesh tape, utility belt with 3 days food, med pack, power pack, energy cell, glow rod, comlink, liquid cable dispenser with small grappling hook.


“Technically the lightsaber is a slashing weapon you ignorant peasant.”

Rivas Zor is technically a Miralukan half-breed; the product of a relationship between a Miralukan and a Human. While Miralukans are normally born without eyes (they see through the Force), Rivas was born with non-functional, vestigial eyes (one is a mass of scar tissue covering the eye socket, the other is a completely white orb with no iris or pupil). Because of common genetic defects such as this, Miralukans tend to stigmatize half-breeds. Rivas’s parents gave him up for adoption, and he was identified early on as a candidate for Jedi training. He began his training at the Jedi Academy on Coruscant as a youngling. He was assigned to Jedi Master Oraltor Jax along with Kygra Juloren, who — having began her Jedi training in her teens — was a few years older than Rivas. Simmering resentment over his origins and the need to prove himself “better” than his pure-breed counterparts cause a deep rage to boil under the surface of Rivas’s calm exterior. Although Rivas hews closely to Jedi orthodoxy, his master is concerned that his compliant exterior is a mask for his deep, deep anger.

Episode I
While gladdened that he was on his first important mission with his master Oraltor Jax, Rivas had a hard time settling in with the crew of the Strix Nebulosa. He considered Kygra an apostate and was worried that Jax’s focus would switch back to his former student. He was also leery about having “outsiders” on a task best left within the Order. His mood was not improved by his first taste of combat at Point Nadir; blasted down by Mandalorians as he recklessly leaped ahead of the party into battle.

Gradually Rivas’s dismissive attitude softened as the party gained victories, rescuing and redeeming Cass Do Keen, and suffered setbacks, blasted out of the sky by Darth Strega. He took his place as part of the crew, a blind mystic as engineer. Though he still pestered Kygra to rejoin the Order and traded barbs with Hffrr.

Rivas took pride in thwarting the Hands of the Purifier, but it came at great cost: The death of Oraltor Jax in battle against Darth Crucius and Darth Strega. The loss of his master has marked Rivas, he feels guilt that he chose to aid Kygra in rescuing her child, an unexpected revelation, rather than assist Jax. The near certainty that he would have been cut down within moments of joining that battle provides little solace, only shame.

Now a Jedi Knight, Rivas has sworn vengeance against Darth Crucius and Darth Strega in the name of his former master. He relentlessly trains with the lightsaber and obsessively studies any information he can get on the Sith. All in the hopes that his next encounter with the Sith Lords will be different. The simmering anger of a Padawan has become the focused intensity of a Knight.

Rivas Zor

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