(BBY = Before the Battle of Yavin)

(Eventually, I will be linking some of the keywords here to their respective Wookieepedia entries. For now, if you have a question regarding any of these events, I recommend Wookieepedia as a good place to start – especially for the history of Onderon)

4,002 BBY: Onderon joins the Republic.

4,000 BBY: Beast Wars of Onderon End; Great Sith War begins with Battle of Iziz on Onderon.

3,998 BBY: Freedon Nadd uprising on Onderon.

3,996 BBY: Great Sith War ends with the defeat of Exar Kun at the Battle of Yavin IV. Mandalore the Indomitable killed at Battle of Onderon. His successor, Mandalore the Ultimate, begins building forces in secret on Onderon’s moon of Dxun.

3,995 BBY: Jedi Shadows begin purge of Sith artifacts and Remnants left behind in the wake of the Great SIth War.

3,976 BBY: Mandalorians begin to conquer Outer Rim worlds outside of Republic Space.

3,973 BBY: Battle of Cathar. Hrrfrr escapes from Ordo Clan slavers over Onderon.

3,969? BBY: Campaign begins. Point Nadir Incident ( Episode 0).

3,968? BBY: Crew of the Strix Nebulosa sneaks aboard the Ebon Razor and rescues captive Jedi Knight Cass Do Keen.


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