House Rules


1. Death is (mostly) off the table. This is Star Wars, not Starship Troopers, and we’ve agreed to structure this campaign like a movie trilogy. We’ve all put in some work at giving the PCs a coherent rationale for travelling together, and therefore I’m inclined to give the PCs a bit of plot immunity. Han wasn’t going to get fragged by a good roll from Greedo in Episode IV, neither will you guys. Any time something would happen that would kill your PC, you can spend a Force Point to prevent it (see Core Rulebook, p. 93). Your character will instead fall unconscious. Furthermore, no one will attempt to “finish off” your downed PC.

Out of Force Points? No problem! Your character will suffer a dramatically appropriate consequence that will take you out of the fight (hand being severed, etc.), but s/he won’t die.

Of course, you may decide that it’s dramatically appropriate for your character to step aside, join with the Force, and become more powerful than your foes could ever imagine. If that’s the case, you can simply forgo paying the FP or incurring the consequence…but a PC’s death should always be for a dramatic, character-driven reason in this game.

2. Languages: Everyone the ability to understand (but not speak) the following languages for free: Bocce, Huttese, Rodese, Ryl, Durese, Zabrak, and Gamorrean (NOTE: everyone can speak Basic, and whatever languages their species grants, for free). This is in addition to the 1 + INT Mod languages your character can speak. This preserves the movie-logic illusion of, say, Han listening to Greedo speak Rodese and being understood when he speaks back to him in Basic.

One language people should consider taking if they haven’t is Mando’ade, which is the language of the Mandalorians. Normally, it would be hard to learn this language, but I’d say everyone in the current party has a good rationale for learning it.

3. Force Points: We are using the a variation of the alternate, daily Force Point refresh found in the Jedi Academy Training Manual sourcebook. 1st-5th level characters have 2 Force Points per day; 6th-10th level characters have 3 Force Points per day; 11th-15th level characters have 4 Force Points per day; 16th-20th level character have 5 Force Points per day; taking the Force Boon feat grants an additional Force Point per day. Additionally, entering into a Force-Using Prestige class will grant an additional Force Point per day, once, upon entry into the class. This bonus is cumulative, so Jedi Masters will have two additional Force Points per day (i.e., one for Jedi Knight, and one for Jedi Master).

4. Second Wind: Any character may regain the use of his or her Second Wind action by spending a Force Point.


1. Everyone has the potential to increase their Dark Side Score. This point is in contention, because the rules don’t address one way or the other whether non-Force Users have Dark Side Scores. I’ve seen official stat blocks with-Force Users having them, however, so I’m assuming that they can.

2. I won’t take your character away if your Dark Side score reaches your Wisdom score.

3. Major transgressions will always increase your Dark Side Score. Moderate transgressions will almost always increase your Dark Side Score. These are described on Core Rulebook p. 94. For purposes of these rules, torture of a sentient being counts as a major transgression. If you need a definition of “torture,” please refer to the U.N. Convention against Torture, Article I.

4. It’s easier for Force Users to increase their Dark Side Score. I’m more likely to let moderate-minor transgressions slide for non-Force using PCs. Force-Users have a connection to the energy that binds all living things together, which means that they are more aware of the sorts of things that are likely to cause transgressions.

5. I will always tell you if you’re about to incur an increase to your Dark Side Score.

House Rules

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